Latest Shirt And Tie Combination For Men 2017

Latest Shirt And Tie Combination For Men 2017 have been in trend for a long time. This combination of shirt and tie for men not only gives a professional look but also a chic one. There are basically five sorts of shirts that every man should use in time of year for a different glance. Five sorts of shirts, that you can avail are Solid/plain Shirt, Fine Stripe Shirt, Bengal Shirt, Windowpane Shirt, and fall’s Plaid Shirt. Likewise, you can find Solid/plain Tie 2017, Patterned Tie, Dotted Tie and Stripped tie in the market. Now here is a complication that occurs in the mind of almost every man during the selection that, “what should be the Combination of Shirt and Tie?” You require not to worry about this “ latest  Shirt and Tie Combination 2017’s” section will guide you about the selection.

Latest Shirt And Tie Combination For Men 2017

First of all keeping in view your skin texture you can further make subsequent combinations like solid/plain Tie on solid/plain Shirt, solid/plain Tie on patterned Shirt, patterned Tie on solid/plain Shirt, patterned Tie on patterned Shirt. Plain Shirt is the finest choice for a proficient person if he is going for an interview. People with a nice complexion and light hairs can get an exquisite look with a soft color combination of Shirt and Tie. Light plain Shirt such as white or light blue with dark plain Tie combination 2017 will give an attractive look. Try to stay away from wearing the plain light Tie on plain light Shirt. Here is several suggestions for you in this category: Red Tie on a white shirt, Yellow tie on the light blue shirt, dark blue tie on light blue shirt. In the case of plain Tie with patterned Shirt try to prefer a tie that contains the dominant color of the shirt.

Latest Shirt And Tie Combination For Men 2017

Matching in the Context of Suits

For those of you stylish gents who are already thinking about adding a pinstripe, windowpane or another patterned suit to the mix, here’s a simple tip:

Dress one of the three basic elements (suit, shirt, and tie) as a plain or solid. While some men can, in fact, pull off three highly patterned pieces, you’re going to have fewer headaches adhering to this guideline. Having a neutral canvas as the base such as a solid charcoal suit is a great way to complement a highly patterned shirt and tie and avoid running the risk of looking like you’re trying too hard.


Above all, remember this: learn these as simple guidelines to form your own stylistic expression. If you think you can pull off that pattern-on-pattern-on-pattern combo, then go for it. Play around with different combinations and above all else, don’t be afraid to discover and express something unique! As Oscar Wilde once said, “You have to be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

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