Latest And Beautiful Eye Makeup For Eid 2017-18

Latest and Beautiful Eye Makeup for Eid is available in this post. As we know that Eyes are the best of the human body. Eyes have a special appearance in your personality, that is why we need them looks fresh and pretty with natural herbs and medicines. Eyes are the part of the body where women can get creative, attractive and express themselves. In this post, we will discuss latest Eye makeup for eid trending with different types of makeup which is suit for a girl.Eye makeup gives a glamorous and unique look to your eyes.

Without eye makeup, your eyes seem completely rough and not good looking. Girls need some extra care and attention to beautify them. Remember your eyes are the most important part of your face which other people observe the most. Eyes are different in shape, size, and color. They are small, wide, narrow, large, round and many other shapes.Every woman wants last longer beautiful eye makeup in order to shine in the whole world. It is true that foundation and shadows last just a few hours. Then after their limited time, these things start melting.  Actually, it is difficult to attain a professional like look. But most women cannot get the same look. They become sad and try to overcome common mistakes.

Latest And Beautiful Eye Makeup For Eid 2017-18


The entire world went mad for the Two Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette, and with looks like this coming into fashion, it’s not very hard to see why. If you were looking for the perfect excuse to own that palette.


Just when you thought you couldn’t wear pink and purple together in a beautiful makeup look, we show you how to do it with style. When it comes to beautiful makeup ideas for prom, this glittery one definitely adds the right amount of pink and girlie color to the mix.


Latest and Beautiful Eye Makeup for eid

This brown and gold well-bended smokey look is so easy to do at home, you’ll be kicking yourself for not learning how to do it sooner. The trick is to blend well, and you’ll need a big and fluffy blending brush for that – a good one, from a reputable brand.


Latest and Beautiful Eye Makeup for eid

You can’t go wrong with a classic black and silver smokey eye look. The smokey eye look is perfect for any occasion, so you couldn’t expect to see a list of beautiful makeup ideas for prom without seeing at least one classic smokey look on there … right?


Beautiful Eye Makeup for eid

Glitter can be really hard to work with if you don’t really know what you’re doing (which is most of us here at StayGlam!) but there are a few really clever tips and tricks you can use to ensure your eye glitter doesn’t end up being worn by everybody else. A makeup setting spray is essential for keeping your entire face in check, and when worn with a decent primer, and a good glitter adhesive, you should find that your look lasts the distance.



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